Research as a Service

The Local, State and Federal Market is Fragmented, but not broken.

RFPDelivery aggregates bids, RFPs, and other government contract opportunities to deliver you the perfect opportunity.

What makes RFP Delivery different? It is also more than just a keyword search tool. RFP Delivery is part of the expansive GovDirections research service designed specifically to not only track and find, but to provide you directions on how to win.

RFPDelivery covers:

  • The Federal Government
  • All State and Provincial Agencies
  • All Universities, Colleges, and Higher Education
  • Over 35,800 Cities or Towns
  • 3,031 Counties
  • Over 13,000 K-12 School Systems and Boards of Education
  • Over 40,000 Special District governing hospitals, transit systems, water districts, and other services
  • Prime Contractors seeking subcontractors and trades.

Lets take a look:  https://rfpdelivery.com

"I use the Business Intelligence Service. Over half of my revenue comes from successful RFPs identified by the GovDirections team. They have my highest recommendation." Steve Condrey, President, Condrey and Associates, member since 1998

"You guys have been great. Got a lot of leads and opportunities with the HomeState viewing option and won contracts. I  will give you an A+." Mr. Edersen, Retired 2019, customer since 1998