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What makes RFP Delivery different? We are more than just a keyword search. We are an expansive research service designed to provide you directions on how to not only find, but win government bid and contract opportunities.

In 1998 our research staff began pulling together local, state and federal government bid opportunities. This allows our members more time to focus on winning new opportunity, rather than research. Sort of like a library full of books. A cooperative that saves tremendous amounts of time. Our length of service to tens of thousands of government contractors means we have an expansive database of information that you can readily access. Here are just a few benefits of subscribing:

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New Bids and RFPs are posted throughout the day and classified by industry, then matched to your business.

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What our clients have to say ...

"Over half of my revenue comes from successful RFPs identified by the GovDirections team. They have my highest recommendation."

Steve Condrey, President, Condrey and Associates

"Thank you very much sir...after all these years, it's still a true pleasure working with you!!"

Wayne Jelm, AR Commercial Roofing, LLC (retired)

"Don’t want to give away too much info on how this company helps my business!"

"Thanks, Mark! I couldn't do my job without your search platform. Your compiled emails are always spot on and timely. Thank you so much!! Have a happy holiday."


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$ 34 /mo
  • GeoBased Matches
  • Adds State and Local Bids
  • SubContracting Opportunities
  • Quick Contact Information
  • Competitive Insights
  • GovSchool Courses
  • All Federal Bids and RFPS
  • 20 Minute Consultation
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Regional (Popular)
$ 54 /mo
  • GeoBased Matches
  • 14 State Region
  • SubContracting Opps
  • Quick Contact Information
  • Competitive Insights
  • 1 Premium GovSchool Course
  • All Bids and RFPs in Region
  • You Choose 14 states
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National Business Intelligence
$ 200 /mo
  • GeoBased Matches
  • All State, and Local Bids
  • SubContracting Opps
  • Upcoming Planned
  • Access to All Awards
  • Contact Data
  • All Federal Listings
  • Unlimited Access
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