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RFP Delivery, It Delivers.

Announce your request for proposal, invitation to bid, good faith effort, teaming opportunity, or just about any government contracting opportunity and we’ll send it to the perfect audience. It is what we do.

Since 1998, our team has built services to enable businesses to track and find opportunity. Over 123000 members have opted in to receive and access postings at our sites. is the newest tool and enables geo-locations down to the contrqctor’s neighborhood. Reach members who choose within 198 industry sectors or NAICs or PSC or Keyword alerts. We put the match process in their hands (literally with our APP)! We put the annoucement process in yours.

You want to Publish your RFP
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"Our alerting system is completely voluntary. Over 123,000 opt-in users actively seeking local, state, and federal contracting and subcontracting opportunities.
It is more than a good faith effort. It is an actual connection."

- Mark Knowles, Co-Founder, GovDirections LLC

Step 1
Set up your account

You control your announcement.

Provide your organization’s key contact data to get started. Once you are set up, then you or your team can begin the annoucement process. Each annouocement is reviewed, then released (generally within minutes).

Key information

Your annoucement can include:

  • Name of Annoucement
  • Target Industry
  • Key Contact Data
  • URL Host (use a third party? cool)
Step 2
Step 3

Once you announce, then we go to work. After a quick review your annoucement goes live! Delivery occurs immediately to the opt-in accounts seeking your match including to their application device. Each morning, we pull togehter a concise match alert for members (opt-in) who prefer a daily update. Your annoucement stays live until the due date, then it automatically expires.

Certificate of Good Faith Effort

Finally, at the last screen you receive a GovDirections Certificate of Good Faith Effort to place in your final bid or notice to a governing agency.

Certificate of Good Faith Effort

Best of all your first 10 postings are free.