Research as a Service (RaaS)

Find and Win

Home State
$ 34 /mo
  • All Bids (federal, state, and local) in Your State
  • Includes Subcontracting Listings
  • One GovAdvice Session
  • Quick Contact Information
  • Competitive Insights
  • GovSchool Courses
  • How to do Business Links
  • GeoBased Matches
  • Discounted RFP Writing Services
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Regional Choice (Popular)
$ 54 /mo
  • You Chose Up to 14 States
  • Includes All US Federal Bids
  • SubContracting Opps
  • GeoBased Matches
  • Competitive Insights
  • 1 Premium GovSchool Course
  • Pop Into Other States as You Like
  • Choose Annual for Complimentary Capability Statement
  • Discounted RFP Writing Services
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National Service
$ 100 /mo
  • All Local, State, and Federal Bids
  • GeoBased Matches
  • SubContracting Opps
  • GovSchool Sessions
  • 1 GovAdvice Session
  • All Contact Data with Capture Folder
  • Choose Annual to Receive Complimentary Capability Statement
  • Add Business Intelligence for $100/mo
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What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is our premium service at RFP Delivery. Your membership includes access to all local, state, and federal listings delivered via a daily email alert. Each listing provides the contact information for the government bid opportunity and relevant documents when available. Information is actively gathered by a trained research staff who cull through public documents to locate business opportunities for members.

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