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Frequently Asked Questions


GMAIL has multiple folders.  Including the PRIMARY, SOCIAL, PROMOTIONS, and SPAM folder.  GMAIL may place your email in any of these folders based on your individual GMAIL preferences.  

What this short video:  How to move your RFP Daily Alert out of SPAM!

"messages are classified into categories such as SPAM, Promotions, Social and Updates. You can choose to use categories as inbox tabs, and as labels. These categories make it easy to focus on messages that are important to you and read messages of the same type all at once. -

If you see a message in your inbox that you want in a different tab, all you have to do is drag and drop it into the other tab. Another way to do this is to right-click a message while viewing your inbox.

After you move a message to a different tab, a message above your inbox will ask if you want to undo that action or choose to always put messages from that sender in the tab you chose.  Choose YES.

Messages you mark with a star will also appear in your Primary tab so they are easier to keep track of."

Remember, Your daily matches are always available directly on our site at

Third parties work for the government. Thus, you get what the government sends you. We only work for you. Thus, no conflict exists and we go after public information aggressively. Don't be fooled by third party providers. You are not required to pay for access to public information.


Our goal is to keep you as a valued member and earn your business. We understand that sometimes you may need to pause or cancel your service, that is why we do not require contracts. You may cancel your recurring plan at anytime prior to the next billing based on the type of subscription you chose at activation using links provided on your account page or by emailing us at (you must use the registered email).

For clarity, we do not accept cancellations by phone. This is designed to provide you clear receipt of cancellation.  You may also cancel within your account (MANAGE BILLING).

Notice: Per the user agreement, Cancellations are processed on the date of the email request, access will then expire at the end of the current paid term.


        Monthly account's will cancel at the end of the current monthly paid term.      

        Annual account's will cancel at the end of the current annual paid term.

        **All other Special term account's (Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Weekly, and others) will expire at the end of the type of term selected at activation.

Please note that we do not issue credits or refunds for unused time remaining on an account term. You may transfer the remainder of any
unused time on your account to another person with our approval. The
user agreement can be found at

A. No. Members have access to every classification.

Notice: Depending on your subscription type, you may be limited to certain states if you selected a MyState or Regional access only subscription during activation.

A. Bids are published and available immediately through your member home page. Each morning we also send a daily alert notifying you of the previous day's opportunities that match your category and state preferences. We will always work hard to match you with the perfect opportunity. We have trained individuals ready to assist you with your preference settings.

A. There are over 88,000 local and state government agencies in the United States alone accounting for more than 350,000 contract opportunities. In FY 2008, local and state agencies procured $307 billion. Local agencies alone spent $200 billion. Why would you not include local and state agencies in your plan? During the same fiscal year, 99.3% of federal spending went to just 1,000 companies. Not exactly the most competitive process available.

A. RFP Delivery generally has about 50,000 active bid listings available (check your member home page for today's number). We average around 100,000 new listings each month.

A. Our researchers aggressively seek upcoming, active and awarded opportunities by monitoring government websites, procurement boards, public agendas, published budget documents, third party distribution sources, and other locations (over 35,000). We believe that public information should be made freely available. Our members only pay for research services.

A. No. We are a private provider of research services. RFP Delivery is built like a cooperative. Our members share the cost of researchers rather than funding an in-house research team.

A. Simple. We provide research services. RFP Delivery monitors local, state and federal government agencies for contract opportunities on behalf of our members.

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