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Equipment: Air Circulation, Boilers, Furnace, Refrigeration

Washington MPR Beam Repairs

Trades and Subcontracts: Carpentry, Remodeling and Minor Construction

Public Tipping Area Concrete Project

Trades and Subcontracts: Concrete, Granite, Masonry, Brick, Block

Ballpark Improvements Project

Infrastructure: Park, Pool, Playground, Stadium Construction

Student Art Gallery

Infrastructure: General Large Construction, Commissioning, Hospitals

Refrigerated and Cargo Trucks

Equipment: Transit, Subway, Trains, Buses, Ambulance, Fire Trucks

Walk-In Freezer

Equipment: Appliances, Service and Trade Equipment

Bell System Upgrade

IT: Voice, Antenna, Communication, VoIP, Telecom, Internet

Moving & Storage Services

Services: Transport, Logistics, Hauling, Shipping, Warehousing, Moving

Floor Ventilation Pipe Jetting

Services: Utilities, Natural Gas, Stormwater, Water, Sewer, Leak Detection