User Agreement and Terms of Service

This User Agreement and Terms of Service govern your use of the GovDirections LLC's websites located at,,, (the “Sites”), and other services and tools including, but not limited to mobile applications and other software applications that link to this Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Services”). The User Agreement and Terms of Service are effective May 20, 2021 and were last amended on February 17, 2023 to accommodate billing management additions and features provided by Stripe. Stripe manages our payment systems. The User Agreement and Terms of Service are written in plain, easily understandable language. Please contact our staff at 800-492-8523 if you have any questions.

GovDirections, LLC is located in Atlanta, Georgia. We are an information retrieval service founded March 2006. We provide both free and paid subscription options.  Our primary service includes consulting reports delivered at various intervals to alert users about planned government spend to acquire goods and services. We use a combination of automated and manual research processes to gather this data that includes active, awarded and upcoming government bids, contracts, requests for proposals, requests for information and similar data. Our subscribers use this information to enhance their business opportunities. We also offer online learning and technical advice to assist members. We are not affiliated with any government agency nor serve for their benefit. Governments may and do choose to post announcements directly so our members are alerted of possible matches. We also use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow users instant access to data published by governments and other third parties

We grant to you, the User, and User accepts, a license to use our Sites and Services in accordance with the terms contained in this agreement.

The service is to be used by the User only and no automated or computerized program may be used to access the data.

We make no warranties respecting any harm.

Notices given shall be in writing and sent to GovDirections, LLC at 245 N Highland Avenue, Suite 230-524, Atlanta, Georgia 30307-1912.

User attests that he/she/they is/are not an employee, agent, or family member of an employee or agent of agency, firm, corporation, or any business providing bid aggregation or delivery services.

You agree to reaffirm this license at each use with your authentication. Authentication occurs when you provide your exclusive user name and password and click log in.

Portions may require authentication and User may be granted a nontransferable right to access those portions of our Sites and Services using a password to identify User while using our Sites and Services. Use of our site is tracked using Cookies. A Cookie is a piece of data from a website that is stored within the User's web browser that our website can retrieve to identify user.

Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as conveying title to the Sites or Services or any pages or code within the Sites.

User shall not copy, sell, or transfer any material from the Sites and Services. GovDirections LLC maintains copyright over the aggregation of data and content derived. Copyright is a type of intellectual property that protects authorship. All rights are reserved.

We provide paid and free services. Free services may include a variety of information at our discretion. We may choose not to provide free services and may terminate your account at anytime without cause. All paid accounts are recurring based on the cycle you choose when joining.

We do not require automatically recurring accounts, but provide incentives because our expenses are lower. You can request to opt-out with our help or within your Manage Billing located on your dashboard or member home page.

We may choose to offer a higher price for our services should you choose a non-recurring option.

We do not send out invoices prior to billing. Invoice services are located in your Manage Billing feature.

By joining and processing your membership by credit card, you acknowledge that your subscription has an initial and recurring payment feature and accept recurring membership charges made prior to cancellation. You maintain control within your Manage Billing feature.

You may cancel your membership at any time prior to your next billing by emailing or online using the Manage Billing feature. You may also call 800-492-8523 for personal assistance.

If we are not able to process payment for your account, then your account may be suspended until we are able to process payment. We may attempt to charge your renewal multiple times prior to final cancellation.

After cancellation, your account will remain active through the paid period at our option unless you instruct us to close your account permanently. You may instruct us by emailing, turning the Daily Alert off within your Settings option located on your dashboard, or calling 800-492-8523.

We do not issue refunds or credits for unused terms.

The total liability of GovDirections, LLC for any claim shall not exceed the registration or initial fee. In no event shall GovDirections, LLC be liable to user for additional damages.

GovDirections, LLC may terminate your use of the site at any time. Violation of any condition will result in termination of access without recourse.

User agrees that this Agreement and use of the Sites is governed under the laws of the State of Georgia, United States of America.

Should clarity be required, then please contact us at 800-492-8523.