GovSchool: Focus

GovDirections’ founder Mark Knowles leads the session. Participation is limited to allow more time to answer specific questions. The session teaches you how to pinpoint the right request for proposal or bid, read and identify the details required, and respond in a winning way. The session is more than learning writing skills, but perfecting the hunt itself to save you time and money.

    • Government 101
    • Contracting Instruments Used by Governments
    • Capability Statements
    • Pinpointing Opportunity with the Search Criteria Best Suited for Your Company
    • Registrations (S.A.M., State and Local)
    • Staying in the Ballpark with Performance Research (Exercise)
    • Perfecting Your Respons
    • Evaluation and the Win

Come ready to learn to win! Call 800-492-8523 or purchase your spot now.