Mid Year Budget Adds Projects

The Georgia fiscal year 2023 is in full swing, but a mid-year budget adjustment is creating new business opportunities. Surplus revenues have made such opportunities possible, and the state of Georgia has big spending plans. Nearly 25 million will go toward vehicle fleet replacements across numerous state agencies. However, new vehicle acquisitions by the state will not be limited to these purchases, as plans also include a twelve-passenger transport bus for the Department of Veterans Service, and the replacement of more than 1,700 school buses totaling a roughly 188 million dollar investment. Other modes of transportation are included in state spending plans as well, such as the planned replacement of a ferry used at Sapelo Island by the Department of Transportation. 

Additions to FY 2023 Budget (mid-year Adjustments)


Estimated Amount

E-Filing System


Quick Start Training Center Design


Laboratory Equipment


Chiller Replacement


Replacement Ferry 


Culinary Equipment


Aviation Equipment


Nursing Simulation Lab Construction


Equipment Purchase for Gym Renovation


Twelve-Passenger Transport Bus


The state of Georgia is also investing substantial resources into non-traditional or one-time purchases. These include a chiller replacement for the Georgia Public Telecommunications Commission within the Georgia Board of Regents office. Other new investments in higher education consist of construction of a nursing simulation lab at Albany State University and equipment purchases related to gym facility renovations at Dalton State College. Moreover, almost 20 million in planned spending will go toward new furniture, fixtures and equipment at numerous Georgia public colleges. Significant spending will also occur in relation to the Technical College System. Among the investments will be the design of a new Quick Start Training Center. Additionally, a nearly six-million dollar investment will be made in an equipment purchase for aviation training at Chattahoochee Technical College, while Savannah Technical College will see its Culinary Institute bolstered with increased spending. 

New laboratory equipment for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has also been made a priority by state lawmakers to the tune of over 1.5 million. A new E-filing system for the Georgia Public Service Commission is also in the works in this fiscal year. The states upcoming large-scale spending presents substantial opportunities to relevant potential contractors across a wide-ranging spectrum.