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TV Munson Porch Repair

Grayson College in Denison, Texas is a public, two year college that offers a variety of classes to approximately 4,000 students, including nursing and business programs. However, it is unique because Grayson College is also home to the TV Munson Center, who's namesake is so important to wine and viticulture that his work, including the Foundations of American Grape Culture published in 1909 is still referred to today. In addition, Thomas Volney Munson helped save the European grape and wine industry from fungus and insect attacks in the mid-to-late 1800s, effectively helping shape the current status and quality of French and European wines of present times. His work awarded him multiple honors, including the French Legion of Honor Chevalier du Merite Agricole, an incredibly prestigious award, which at the time of it's creation in 1883 was second only to the Legion of Honor in French society. Today, the TV Munson Center is home to the exclusive Distilling and Viticulture programs in Grayson College, one of the few in the southern United States due to Denison’s remarkable climate for grape growing. The program uses the Center as a base of operations, and as such is in constant use. The RFP is to repair and enhance the iconic porch of the TV Munson Center in a way that ensures longevity while also complying with building codes. Grayson College highly recommends online submittals as it is less error prone and faster. However, paper responses will still be accepted and should be delivered to 6101 Grayson Drive Denison, TX 75020. Emails will not be accepted. If interested, contact Mo Lowman at lowmanm@grayson.edu or 903-415-2667 or click on the link to learn more. To contact Grayson College's Purchasing Department, email purchasing@grayson.edu or here to directly access Grayson College's Purchasing page. The bid closes on July 15, 2024 at 2:00 PM (CT).