Business Intelligence Services at GovDirections

Business Intelligence is our premium service at GovDirections. Your membership includes access to all local, state, and federal listings delivered via a daily email alert. Each listing provides the contact information for the government bid opportunity and relevant documents when available. Information is actively gathered by a trained research staff who cull through public documents to locate business opportunities for members. There are no additional fees or costs.

  • Upcoming RFPs and Bids - Our team identifies planned projects by reviewing local, state, and federal government spend plans.
  • All Active RFPs and Bids - Your membership includes all active listings available with general membership.
  • Budget Reviews - Advanced graduate trained researchers cull through budget meetings and documents to pull additional details discussed during the decision-making process.
  • Voter Projects - We alert members to public votes for large projects.
  • Capital Plans - Capital Improvement projects are highlighted for members years in advance to allow you earlier access.
  • Award Examples - Membership includes access to all federal awards issued in last 30 days, plus examples from local and stage agencies. You also recieve access to our RFPDelivery library.
  • Rate is Per User.
  • Monthly or Annual - We never require a contract, but provide savings for annual members.