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2024 Pre-Qualification - Survey Services

Trades and Subcontracts: Inspection, Material Testing and Surveying


Trades and Subcontracts: Doors, Entryways, Locksmith

Appliance Parts

Equipment: Appliances, Service and Trade Equipment

Centralized Support Collection and Enforcement RFP

Services: Billing, Collection, Investigation, Background, Fingerprint, Livescan

Quality Assurance Redesign

Supplies: Signs, Wayfinding, Signage (Interior, Exterior)

Medical Evaluations for Respirator Use - Emergency

Consulting: Dental, Eye, Healthcare, Hearing, Hospital, Medical, Therapy, Medical

Disaster Consulting Services

Consulting: Emergency Preparedness, Disaster, Recovery, and Security Assessment

Light Rail Vehicles

Equipment: Transit, Subway, Trains, Buses, Ambulance, Fire Trucks

Refractometer Clini

Equipment: Medical, Laboratory, Ventilators, Hearing (Audiology), Eye