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Uniforms for Fire Department

Supplies: Clothing, Uniforms, Shoes, Boots, Bags, Hats, Gloves

Valley Park Restroom

Infrastructure: Park, Pool, Playground, Stadium Construction

Print Services for Newsletters and General Printing

Services: Printing, Publishing, Mailing, Subscription, Books, Barcodes, Labels, Decals

HVAC Services

Trades and Subcontracts: HVAC, Refrigeration, Mechanical

Pavement MA - Mill and Overlay

Infrastructure: Patching, Milling, Seal Coat, Asphalt Repair

Herbicide Supply Services

Services: Grounds, Landscaping, Irrigation and Weed Control

Auditorium Curtains

Supplies: Textile, Curtains, Fabric, Drapery, Tarp and Flag

Pavement MA - Surface Treatment

Infrastructure: Patching, Milling, Seal Coat, Asphalt Repair

Direct Ink Writing Printer

Equipment: Office, Copiers, 3D Printers, Voting Equipment

Painting of Various Bridges

Infrastructure: Road Painting, Striping, Marking, Glass Traffic Beads

Ed Bohrer Parent Resource Center

Consulting: Health, Nutrition, Wellness, Employee Assistance


Services: Synthetic Turf Cleaning, GMAX and HIC Testing