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Reseal Stripe Parking Lot

Infrastructure: Road Painting, Striping, Marking, Glass Traffic Beads

Street Resurfacing

Infrastructure: Patching, Milling, Seal Coat, Asphalt Repair

Track Replacement

Infrastructure: Park, Pool, Playground, Stadium Construction

Building 1 Rotunda Murals Scaffolding Project

Trades and Subcontracts: Painting, Pressure Wash, Sand Blast, Weatherproof

2024 Can-Am Defender MAX Limited HD10 ATVORV

Equipment: Vehicles - Motorcycles, ATV, Golf Carts, Scooters, Bicycles

Veterinary X-Ray Machines

Equipment: Medical, Laboratory, Ventilators, Hearing (Audiology), Eye

Debt Collection Services

Services: Billing, Collection, Investigation, Background, Fingerprint, Livescan

Less Than 30 Foot Cutaway Bus

Equipment: Transit, Subway, Trains, Buses, Ambulance, Fire Trucks

Tandem Axle Dump Trucks

Equipment: Heavy, Dump Truck, Snow Plows, Tractor, Trailer, Lift

Cosmos Structure Painting

Trades and Subcontracts: Painting, Pressure Wash, Sand Blast, Weatherproof

Scaffolding Services

Services: Transport, Logistics, Hauling, Shipping, Warehousing, Moving

Industrial Insulation Services

Trades and Subcontracts: Insulation, Siding, Ceiling, Drywall

Stormwater Project

Infrastructure: Water, Sewer, Power, Gas, Utilities

Seal and Caulk Windows

Trades and Subcontracts: Glass, Glazing, Windows, Tinting